Frightnor is a wizard inhabiting the land of Orcspire. He lives in a tower just outside a small town with an unusually strict penal system.

Personality Edit

Frightnor is not an especially strong wizard, still more powerful then normal humans. But not held in as high esteem as Snickerdoodle or Reeses. He does however, love wizard weed. He appears to be quite familiar with many different varieties which he is supplied to by SuperFangs. He does not deal in wizard tokens as SuperFangs is not a wizard but in a sort of barter system for magical services.

Frightnor is an anarchist and loves metal music as most denizens of Orcspire. He mostly keeps to himself in his wizard tower but will defend his life style with brutal efficiency. He is also a fan of clever catch phrases but can't seem to stick with just one.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Imbue Body parts with magic: Frightnor is noted to give SuperFangs lightning wings which replaced his old wings. They function the same as natural Batbeast wings only they are made of lightning and produce lighting bolts whenever he flaps them. SuperFangs appeared to be unharmed and easily wielded the wings after transmogrification.

Liberate Skeleton: Frightnor has a typical wizard arsenal of fire balls and arcane missiles but when a foe's skin has been burnt off the skeleton fights for Frightnor. This may be in part due to a skeletons natural desire to rid its self of its flesh and to serve the liberator as thanks, or it may be just part of Frightnors powers. This ability also synergies with his body part magic as SuperFangs also called upon Skeletons to fight for him after electracuting attackers.

Transform into black hole: One of Frightnors most potent spells is to collapse someone in on themselves so tight that they become a black hole. Oddly this spell does not last long.

Lycanthropy: Frightnor can become a wizard-wolf it appears to be a side effect of the wizard weed but Frightnor remained in complete control of his new form and found himself with super strength.